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"I'm not familiar at all with that sector," the lips told Kimber. "No one really is, that's why they're called the Unknown Regions." The smile had returned to the lips, and the eyes twinkled with merriment. "As you said, they've been there for thousands of years, but yet we still think we're discovering something new. Why is that? Why do we know so little about the Unknown Regions?" Lane brought thin fingers to the lips, stroking them thoughtfully. "Or maybe the question we should be asking is why Revan wants to know so much about them? After all, he doesn't do things without a purpose. And to go into unknown territories without a purpose doesn't seem like something one of the greatest tactical minds this galaxy has known would do, does it?" Lane's head flicked to the side, sending tousled hair flying. "Oh how I'd love to pick that man's brain for a day or two..."

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