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Cole hadn't taken more than a few steps into the mess hall when someone called out his name.

"Oy, Cole! Want to come eat with me?"

He turned his head in the direction of the voice. Sitting at a table near the viewport was Lieutenant Noelle M'si, leader of the Mothma's Arrow A-wing group, Lightning Flight. Cole had only met her twice before, but both times were quite pleasant, as she was an extremely upbeat person. It also helped that she was Hapan and thus rather attractive. Unconsciously smoothing his ruffled hair, he called back in reply, "Sure Lieutenant! Just let me get something and I'll be right there."

He shuffled over to the counter quickly and ordered a tray of food. As the elderly woman heaped braised nerf onto his plate, he could've sworn she'd winked knowingly at him. Slightly perturbed, he picked up his tray and walked over to where Noelle was. "Good morning, Lieutenant," he said by way of greeting as he slid into the seat opposite from her.

(( Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday, Quist. ))
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