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"Well, I just thought that if you were a scout that you might have been in that area before," Kimber said to Lane. "Lots of scouts keep their information secret." She tapped her temple with her index finger. "Suppose that keeps them 'self-important' in their minds. They wouldn't dare put co-ordinates into any type of navicomputer, in case their 'secret' got out. But eventually, all secrets get out. Otherwise, the Republic would still be just the Core Worlds, right?"

She finished inputting the co-ordinates to the planet she was adding to the Galaxy Map, and started to input another. "As far as a purpose to go into the Unknown Regions? Well, there's only two possible reasons I can see. One, is for money. New hyperspace routes to get from one place to another faster, or perhaps discover a new planet of resources to exploit, or even a new sentient species to trade with. Even the archaeologists have money as their motive. They get funded by rich, bored aristocrats to go and find these 'objects' of art to bring back with them. They might 'say' it's for an existential purpose, but it all boils down to just plain money in the end. Credits make the Galaxy go 'round, even way out there.

"Second reason why someone would travel out that far is just for the adventure." She smiled. "That's my reason. I just want to know what's out there--just for the hell of it. Same reason that some folks climb a tall mountain--because it's there and they can.

"As far as Revan's reasons, well.... Revan was a Jedi, so he probably has knowledge of things that the average person wouldn't. You know, I've even heard that some Jedi can see into the future. Imagine that. I mean, if you knew that a particular event was going to happen in the future, could you change it? Or would it happen anyway, but just by a different method?" She snorted. "Force stuff. It's all pretty mystic to me. Guess Revan's reasons wouldn't be exactly 'normal' though, now would they?"

She paused with what she was doing to give Lane a quizzical kind of look. "Just let me know if I'm talking too much, okay? I don't know you well enough yet to have those periods of 'comfortable silences.'" She winked. "But, don't worry. They'll happen eventually."

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