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((Happy birthday Jas! ^.^ Sorry I haven't replied - the wedding has kept me out of reach of a conputer for the past few days >.<))

He watched her with a look of confusion, compassion, and...something that he had to fight to keep carefully hidden. Otherwise, he kept himself quite detatched - as he always did. He had to, for the greater good.

Listening to Tysyacha's empassioned tale caused his expression to grow softer with understanding. When she had finished, he moved slightly closer to her, holding out a hand in pity.

"It is no easy task to be parted from a loved one for any great length of time." he continued forward to lightly put his hands on her shoulders as he spoke again. "However, I think that your that you need to have a little more confidence in yourself. You've stayed alive thus far by relying on little more than yourself and a few companions - have some faith now."

He held her gaze a second longer before he turned around, moving back towards the foot locker. "Now, I believe that you have a very eager pilot awaiting your orders." he looked over his shoulder at her, "The sooner our search begins, the better."

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