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Katalin 'Flash' Jaye sat alone atop her A-wing in the hangar in quiet contemplation of the past couple of weeks. The young Kiffar woman had to admit that, despite the drastic changes that had taken place years before, this transfer to the Mothma's Arrow was one of the hardest changes to adjust to. Kat had grown used to flying with larger squadrons, which left a little room for greater anonymity. But here, everyone at least knew her current name. For someone who'd spent years trying to forget herself and to change who she was, this was unsettling.

Still more unsettling was that there were only three A-wings, two pilots besides Kat. And that was the real challenge. Kat understood that they ought to be able to trust one another and to predict one another's movements in action to an extent. But for Katalin Jaye, trust was not something that came easily. She still remembered slavery all too well, remembered the lack of trustworthiness in sentient beings, and she hated the idea that trust could make her vulnerable to betrayal again.

So she sat here, when she knew others would be eating. With a frown, Kat realized that she was hungry as well. Somewhere at the back of her mind, a little voice challenged her, Go eat with them... even if you say nothing. Kat didn't like that little voice, but she found herself shifting her weight, rolling smoothly and dropping lightly to her feet on the hangar floor.

Kat walked slowly to the mess hall and froze immediately inside the doors. There they were; the two people Kat knew she should be able to trust were just sitting down, but Kat had such difficulty in letting herself go. Her confidence wavered and for a moment, she considered backing out and instead coming back to the mess hall later. She'd been without food before; she could handle it for another hour...

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