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Darrick was finfishing up his patrol around the Mothma's Arrow with a few other fighters. "Ha I won." Darrick said into the other fighters he had been patroling with.
"Yeah that's because you have a A-wing." the X-wing pilot said.
Darrick looked at him only a few yards from him, giving a thumbs up. "Better luck next time!"
'You have a A-wing though, I'm never going to win."
"Well that sucks. You should transfer."
"No way Dak. I picked the X, I'm sticking with it."
"Whatever you want. Well see ya later my shifts done."
"See ya later Dak."

Darrick made his way towards the hangar. He slowed down as he entered it and then switched the trigger for landing gear. The gear formed out and touched the floor of the recently waxed hangar. He opened the cockpit of the fighter, and started climbing out. He took his white helmet off and set it in the cockpit seat, and started climbing down. He noticed his captain by his ship and walked over to him. "Your married? Who's the lucky person? I've been here less than a month and didn't notice that."

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