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The install folders may be different in different versions of the game packaged, but my setup.exe is in Gamedata folder. And I wasn't being difficult, I was just stating, if the problem was as described, a run command won't help. Perhaps you could have your nephew log on to re-describe the problem. But as I see it, run commands won't do anything for him if the disc is not recognized and I stated as much.

And Johney, my location is a joke, 'wholes' is a homonym for holes, the correct word. 'Villany' is a misspelled version of villainy as well. It was a joke I reproduced from one of my friends when I happened to sign up. I leave it that way because it makes me chuckle when I look at it. Also, thanks for a 'belittling' comment after condemning me for it.

Anywho, sorry if I seemed curt, but frankly, I deal with/answer a lot of help questions on the forums, and I like to think I'm pretty good at diagnosis after these few years, so when someone glosses over my explanation of a possible solution, it can be annoying.

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