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Hmmm...there are two options I'd love to see.

1) Maybe 8-15 years after TSL, with a rebuild Jedi Order where you can train and do quests. Preferably on Coruscant. In K1 the Jedi were nearly destroyed ands we had an enclave where 5 jedi were walking around. Not exactly an impressive display of Jedi Power. So that's why I'd like a gap of 10-15 years.
Also, Revan and the Exile won't be dead of old age at that time, so they can be 'included' in the story as well then.

2) In the time between 1000 years for SW: Episode 1 (The last great Sith war) and Episode 3. The Jedi of that age are still members of the 'Old' Republic (presuming Luke Skywalker and the Solo's Republic is the 'new' one). Revan and The Exile could still be used for the story, as a sort of...holocron hunt or something. A young Jedi searching for the truth about the Sith or something like that...

In any case, AFTER TSL. I feel the Kotor Comics have the right to 'explore' the Universe pre-Kotor 1.

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