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Err... excuse me, wanted to ask something about TSL Patcher.
Actually, it's about the .2da files.

I have difficulty in using the ChangesEdit, about adding new lines for .2da files. Here's the case. I want the TSL patcher to create new lines for the .2da files (spells, upcrystals, and baseitems), so I choose the .2da files selection on the changes.ini tree. After that I add the .2da files I wrote above. Then it shows a blank modifier. I have read the readme file, and it tell me about comparing something. So I've tried to compare by clicking the "finger button" on the TSL patcher.

After that, the "Select ORIGINAL .2da to compare against" window appear. So I choose the upcrystal.2da that places in my Override folder. Then the "Select MODIFIED .2da to compare against ORIGINAL" window appear. So I choose the upcrystal.2da from the mod I have in the TSL Patcher folder.

After that it shows a bunch of lines. From there, I don't understand what to do next. How to make the installer add a new lines for the mod each time it's installed? I'm getting confused at this...

Thank you very much for your time... and your help.
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