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Tysyacha nodded, feeling emboldened not only by the mechanic's kind words, but his touch as well. She re-holstered her two sabers and bowed to him apologetically.

"You're right," she said, her near-whisper sounding stalwart. "I can't afford a loss of faith now, not with everyone on board and ready to possibly sacrifice themselves on this great adventure. A captain leads, after all, and part of leading is boosting morale. Let's get back to the cockpit, and I think it makes sense to take you up on your suggestion of Nar Shaddaa as a hiding place, or launching point, for Revan. Another crime-ridden cesspit, I know, but I have a contact there." The mechanic nodded, and he and Tysyacha strolled up to Kimber's chair. The expanse of stars waited silently.

"Kimber," said Tysyacha, "our mechanic friend here believes that Nar Shaddaa might be a good starting point in looking for Revan. I know it's one more disreputable ball of rock, riddled with the poorest of the poor interspersed with members of the Exchange, but there is a sentient rodent, Kala-Naa, who sees and hears everything that goes in and out of the upper floors of the planet. If anyone might have seen our Jedi target, it would be her." Tysyacha crossed her fingers and winced when HK-47 proved helpful:

"Condescending Question: You're going to interrogate a rat for information? Seems like a viable plan to me. After all, it might do us good to exterminate that bit of vermin."

"Hey, HK," grumbled the Jedi Exile. "Zakroitye vash rot. Shut your mouth."

"Ah! You are addressing me by the respectful form of vy. Excellent, Master."

Tysyacha swore that the next time Rika did repairs on that particular "protocol droid", she'd make sure that Rika put his vocabulator in backwards or at least on "silent".

As for "silent", the rest of the crew was, including Kimber. What would she suggest?
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