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Kimber nodded thoughtfully. "Kala-Naa? Heard the name, but never met him. Her. It." She shrugged. "Whatever."

She started to input the co-ordinates for Nar Shaddaa into the navicomputer. "But Nar Shaddaa... I can get us there no bother, Cap'n. Been there lots of times. Not exactly on the 'tourist trail'," she added, as the engines started to rev up. "But, even cruise ships need someplace cheap to resupply and refuel. And the Corellian sector is great for that." She winked. "Especially since I'm a member of the trade Guild."

The ship rose from the docking platform with grace and ease, and then left the surface of the planet. In a few minutes, they had broken the atmosphere. "Okay, we're about to enter into hyperspace," Kimber said through the shipwide comlink. "Please stow away all personal belongings in the overhead compartments, ensure your seat is in its upright position and that your seatbelt is fastened securely. Next stop, Nar Shaddaa."

She turned over her shoulder to look at Tysyacha, and gave her a silly grin. "Sorry. Old habit." She looked at Lane sitting next to her. "Ok, here we go...."

And then she shoved the throttle forward, taking the Ebon Hawk into hyperspace.

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