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Nalan Arrived first in his personnal ship, a heavily modified Basilisk War Droid.
"Imperial Knight Nalan Cron reporting for duty sir." Nalan said on his comlink to the station.
"Welcome Knight Nalan. We have enemy ships incoming. Assume position for the front lines of our fleet." Ordered Frederick.
"Yes sir." Acknowlaged Nalan, smoothly easing his ship into position on the front lines. His ship's armor gleaming, he powered up his shields and an unusually large array of rapid-fire turbolaser cannons for a small Basilisk War Droid. his ship had no disadvatages, only that his ship's weapons only fired forward, and he had a large blindspot at his main hyperdrive engine, and that due to his slightly oversized weapons-array, he had minimal armor. His only major advantage were the many weapons he had and the specialized engines system that provided more manueverability than most fighters of his ship's size.
Enemy Fighters were barely visible on the horizon as tiny, silver dots. Nalan tightly gripped his ship's conrols, his thumbs only a milimeter away from being able to press the small black buttons that would fire his weapons...

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