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"Sir, We will be arrive to our destination shortly," The Imperial soldier saluted as he spoke.

Savako nodded, "Very well..."

The trooper gave a quick nod and then saluted once more before heading towards the dormitory section of the ship. Their ship was a cargo freighter... for casual purposes while on Arkania. No one wants a full-fledged Imperial Star Destroyer in orbit around their planet now do they?

That was irrelevant though... Savako and Nalan Cron had felt a disturbance coming while they were on Arkania... luckily, this feeling turned out to be the current space battle over Ord Mantel.

Savako swiftly moved past filing troops, who were preparing for battle, and made his way up to the cockpit.

"Pilot!" The Arkanian shouted, "Dock with the nearest Star Destroyer... keep us out of the enemie's sights."

"Aye Aye,"

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