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Originally Posted by Weave
Yes... but Darth Talon has her own lightsaber... right?
No. She never will. NEVER! Unless the author decides to do that. But what difference does it make? As long as the hilt is different, that's considered "Darth Talon's lightsaber".

Originally Posted by weave
Anyways... I'll say it for the third time... great mod.
Works best with a recruit Yuthura mod...
Great mod, great mod, great mod. Four times, suck it. [Note to moderators reading this: I'm not being serious and trying to offend him]

Anyway, someone could probably rearrange the recruit Yuthura mod to make it suit Darth Talon. It would definitely add more story to the mod, more than just "Hello, Yuthura. My name is Revan. Would you like to be my friend?"

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