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Originally Posted by Ulic and Cay
Does anyone have a list of the integers that the "FadeType" function supports and what those integers do?
While I'm asking questions... I don't suppose anyone knows what the "WaitFlags" field is for...
3: make a fade in
4: make a fade out

By itself this isn't useful since the fade won't last long. You also need the fields FadeLength, FadeDelay and FadeColor fields. FadeColor is optional. If it isn't present then the game will do the standard black fade out/fade in. You can't add these fields with DLGEditor, so you'll have to do that with KGff. FadeLength and FadeDelay are of type FLOAT, FadeColor is a VECTOR.

1 - Delay node until animated camera is finished.
4 - Wait for DLG animation to finish (should not be done with a looping animation )

I don't know if other values for these fields do something.

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