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I'm glad people like this.

Originally Posted by Weave
Perhaps we may see a lightsaber come with it in an update? Huh?
I had decided against that because a) I'm not a modeler and b) Yuthura already has one.

Originally Posted by Shaggoth
hmm.. i want that one to replace visas in tsl
That should be easy enough. Just make the changes listed in the readme file for the appearance.2da in Visas' entry.

Originally Posted by GrayMusic
How did you make those tattoos? Brush set, or just selection/coloring?
I just did a layer over the basic red skin, and did lots of selections and fills. I tried to make it as close to Talon's as possible, but the fact that the texture is symmetric and her tats are not, and that the texture is applied in funny ways in places made that very difficult. So this is really just an approximation.

Originally Posted by GrayMusic
By the way, Weave, according to hip lingo with us teens it's "beastly".
Never heard that before. I guess I am too old.

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