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((OCC@ Jedi Atomic- The only three X-Wing Pilots on the ship are X-Ray, Deuce and Brows. Donít worry about editing just keep that in mind for the future.

@Quist- if you still want to do a Y-wing pilot go ahead.))

Casey Tey was dressed down in her sweats in the small Gym area of the ship, she was not alone and a couple of crew were also working out in their down time. She was currently dancing around a dangling punching bag occasionally punching or kicking it as hard as she could. She had to keep fit as a strong body helped with a strong mind that she needed when trying to target a specific subsystem with a bomb while burning at full speed.

She had come to the end of her workout and grabbed a towel to dry her self off, after a good workout she decided to get some food and packed her towel away. The Zabrak walked into the mess hall and saw some of the other pilots eating their food, she walked over the counter and got some food.
__________________________________________________ ___

Xander continued to stare down at his ring, trying to remember pass the hate to the good times he had with wife and his children. It was lost, all he could remember is hearing of Alderaanís destruction, the shock, the anger and hate. He Vowed on that day, at that very moment that the Empire would pay for the death of all he held dear.

"Your married? Who's the lucky person? I've been here less than a month and didn't notice that."

Xander came out of his own trance and looked up at the young A-Wing pilot, He calmed himself down quickly and stood up. ďI use to be, I donít like to talk about it.

Dak hadnít been apart of the Rebel movement very long but had already made his mark on the higher ups, itís how he got assigned to the ship, so far the younger pilot hadnít had the chance to prove his worth as a pilot in storm squad, but no one had, they hadnít been sent on a mission since Mothmaís arrow had been put into service.

Other than the occasional patrol fighter patrol the pilot had been sitting on their hands waiting for something to do. This annoyed Xander more than most probably, time spent not shooting down the imperials was time his family went un-avenged and that was not good.

ďSo how was the patrol.Ē Xander asked.
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