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(Wait... what? Where is Xander then?)

I use to be, I dont like to talk about it."

"Sorry." Darrick looked down, thinking she obviously had died or is somewhere unretreivable.(sp) He didn't want to upset his captain so didn't say anything else.

So how was the patrol? Xander asked.

"The patrol? The patrol... umm Me and the fellow raced around the ship a few times. I obviously won because they were to scared to push their X's. It's not like they can damage the engine to where it'll take longer than something to happen here in this sector. Heck, the last combat I remember was a year ago and I didn't even shoot any imps out of the sky." he said as he looked up to Xander.

He paused for a second. "Hear about any news of action? Anything we could get involved with? I'm ready for some action. It's like if I had a gun I would start shooting right now."
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