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Kimber listened intently as the rodent-like creature known as Kala-Naa spoke to Tysy and the rest of them in broken Basic. When she came to the part of the black planet where there was no darkness, Kim frowned slightly. But when the rat indictated the direction of this mysterious planet by pointing in a particular direction, Kim slowly raised a querying brow.

"Ah, relational co-ordinates," she said in a low tone to Lane. "My absolute fave. Not."

"Jeering Statement: A black hole? Master, this surpasses ridiculousness. Let us leave."

Kimber couldn't help but grin at the assassin droid's statement. "Not a black hole, but...." She paused. "Maybe... maybe a system with binary stars? You know, a planet where there isn't ever any darkness because light always shines on its surface?" She wracked her brain. "I remember coming across an uncharted system with binary stars during my travels with my last crew. Not that we actually went to any of the planets there. I mean, they might not even be habitable. I just remember seeing the system and recall the gravitational fluctuations that indicated there must be planets in orbit around the twin suns. It was most unusual."

She looked at Tysy, and shrugged. "Just a thought, anyway." Then she gave a sideways glance at Kala-Naa. "A lot easier than trying to work out relational co-ordinates from a pointing fin..." Rats didn't exactly have 'fingers'. "Erm, pointing digit."

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