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Tean may get around to rebuilding the files... He just doesn't foresee it anytime soon. He also expressed interest in Marvel games... so he's into playing and modding that now. He actually couldn't wait 'til he was done with the conversion pack.. he was getting a bit drained on the project. You could tell by his posts he was getting anxious to finish it off.

He's put so much into it... It's sad the way it happened the way it did. There was very little left to do.. but now that he's lost a good part of the files for it... it's WAY WAY WAY down the list of things to do for him, and I think he's simply exhausted from it. Now because of the file loss... he's got aproximately 30 hours of additional work. ...and he's got a life ...go figure.

I'm hoping the community will eventually pick up where he left off... But I wouldn't count on it either...

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