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sorry if this feels like thread Necromancy, but it shoulden't be an issue since I have new, relevant info right?

They appear to be adding in the TIE defender into the Renegade Squadron game ... but that's exclusive for the PSP... unknown how they are handling the TIE Defender in that because, the TIE Defender in Forces of Corruption wasn't terribly spectacular, just more of an Imperial B-Wing, lots of firepower, but not spectacularly manuverable...

the way I see the TIE Defender is having the toughness of a Y-wing or Bomber, The Speed and Manuverability at least that of an A-wing or TIE Interceptor, Torpedoes like that of a TIE Fighter (which btw are 2x stronger than the X-wing Torps) and armed with the following

on the top side, two Particle cannons like that found on a Bellabub or Y-wing or TIE Bomber

on the bottom side (the bottom two cannons on either panel) guns like the TIE Fighter or ARC-170 due to placement,

and on the side (the top two cannons on either side) guns like that on a TIE Interceptor.

possibly the ability to either switch between gun types or fire linking like in the old XVT series

the main issue would be balance, a possible limit on how many would spawn during a game? or have 1 spawn at a time? and possibly make it so only those with a certain reward can use it? like a class restriction or something.

it would be a fun toy to play with in single player, but in multiplayer I don't think the battlefront 2 engine can support the adjustments needed to balance it and keep people from fighting over who gets to fly it.
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