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Tysyacha turned to Kala-Naa for the second time. "I know it's been more than two years, perhaps even more than five, since you last saw the 'scary man', but we need a little bit more to go on than that, Kala-Naa." The Exile smiled. "Don't worry. I'll reward you for your troubles, and you can be sure that as long as I'm around here, your babies won't get hurt." She dropped to one knee to be at eye level with the gregarious female rodent. "Anything?"

Kala-Naa gazed deeply into the eyes of the Ebon Hawk's desperate captain. "Let me see. Scary man was talking with bald head man, and they were saying something like, 'all black, all darkness, then light. All shall be light.' Kala-Naa not understand everything they were saying, though. She do her best. As for planets--something like Pal. Pal-um. Pall-a-dum." A pause.

"Palladium." This was a wild guess on Tysyacha's part, but a guess was better than nothing. "There are few planets in the galaxy that supply this scarce Earth metal, and one that is entirely made of palladium would be--"

"Impossible." This from the Exile's most favorite droid. "Shall I terminate her?"

"No." Tysyacha ignited her lightsaber and held it dangerously close to HK's chest. "The trace Force signature here is one of almost Earthlike proportions--mass, density, environment--but it's not Earth. It used to be a 'light' world, inhabited by peaceful beings, but now every single inhabitant has perished except for one and his or her followers. Sort of like Nihilus and Visas Marr."

The Exile turned to her crew. "Well? Do you think I should be in an asylum?"
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