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Originally Posted by The Source
The college I go to has banned Wikipedia from report references, college computers, etc... At the beginning of class each year, the college has made it a policy to inform the students. According to several of the professors, students have been getting false information from Wikipedia. During the last semester, several students wrote inaccurate reports that were similar.
For a start why are college students basing reports on wikipedia? Personally I like it but would never base any work i did on it. Wikipedia is useful but only at a low level of detail to get an overview on a subject not to research detail on a subject - personally this sounds like the students own fault not that of wikipedia.

In subjects such as science where the more detail you go into something the more complicated it gets wikipedia often presents the simplified version that schools would teach and is invaluable in providing a basis for research but would never have enough detail for college. If you care enough about your college course i would think you would use library sources - at my school we're encouraged to distrust anything we find on the internet without cross-referencing but it doesn't mean it can't be used successfully.

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