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Milla's nightmare- I was tearing up. I just had to get out of there.
The upper ayslum- deserted building for insane people with cracked floor tiles, flickering flourescent lights, and creepy green mist. And the RATS. OH GOD THE RATS. They come at you UP THE WALLS in freaking packs with glowing eyes and everything...*shudder*
The Meat Circus- raw meat and mutilated/zombie animals. I felt sick. The butcher dad freaked me out. I nearly puked when, even off-screen, the two dads fell into the meat grinder. And don't get me started on the last boss.
One time, I was going up through the ayslum, and then I hear the panting (this was like only the second time I'd seen Sheegor). Which didn't help seeing as how the mist, brains, and rats had me already hyperventilating. I turn the camera...very...very slowly...and there she is, looking at me through a window. @_@
Any scene with Loboto creeps me out. He's hilarious, but he's...just not right in the upper story. And he's got a freakin' claw.
Then there's that one cave in the camp where you go down and the bear goes out. Cue heart attack on my first time. X_X

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