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Smile more ideas. yay.

Originally Posted by vader815
i really like the idea with th LAAT\i in being able to be inside w/o having to press a button. in terms of capital ships i would like it if there were hallways that lead to the internal systems and the bridge, where u could pilot the ship. and with LA's new graphics technology, the game could have a more "you snooze you lose" feel to it. ie., in a space battle if part of the hull of the ship was breached by a fighter, than the hallway at that section would be cut off due to decompression, and thats it. u cant get through.
i like ur ideas. theyre pretty kool.
i just think that thats how it was in the movies because
clones could shoot from the LAAT/i's in the genoisis battle.

i would be cool if you could blow up a fighter in mid air with a bazooka.

also i think regular guns or at least the blaster rifle should be effective
against air ships. an example of this is halo, you can shoot down
a banshee with an assault rifle. now, maybe certain vehicles like bombers or troop carriers would have to taken down with a missile launcher.
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