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Hate to say this but there is no noob proof way of getting dismemberment to work that includes typing one line in a shortcut.

The reason its so hard to get the dismemberment to work is LucasArts seem to have shot themselves in the foot by having many ways to change dismemberment. These ways then disagree with each other and so the game can get confused and crash or revert to no dismemberment.

The ONLY noob proof way to get the dismemberment working is to open up the assets.pk3 and change the .npc file with notepad in the ext_data/npcs folder.

These have all the external data in them about the npcs. You can do ANYTHING from changing their force powers to force power points to skins to weapons. Look for the lines about dismembering probability and change them to 100. Then save in a mod directory with the right folders so for stormtrooper dismemberment a .pk3 with:


packed up and put in a mod folder in the GameData directory.

This is NOOB PROOF unless you get it wrong and it will make the stormtrooper ALWAYS dismemberable - no messing with cheats or shortcuts just the actual game files.

So here it is again:
1. unpack the assets.pk3 files (possibly keep them for your next modding)
2. find ext_data/npcs/stormtrooper.npc and open with notepad
3. find a line with dismemberprob owtte
4. change the probability to 100
5. save in C:/... ...GameData/Dismemberment/ext_data/npcs/stormtrooper.npc
6. use winzip (or another zipper) to zip the ext_data folder
7. right click and rename "dismemberment.pk3" (you may need to change windows xp settings as this sometimes is set to stop you changing file name)
8. load Academy and load the dismemberment mod
9. dont blame me if this went wrong - i've made my own trade federation battle droid and got it to dismember and put it in a map and everything so if it went wrong its your fault.

Also you guys should have tried editing forums.

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