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The pack is now the result of wanting to put so many features and modes in one pack. It's too big. If they had just done what they originally intended... which was just make a map pack that had the SWBF1 maps "converted" over to SWBF2... we'd have a DYNAMITE pack with no bugs... we would have had it months ago.. and everything wouldn't have been on one guy. All the extra stuff could be seperate packs.

Teancum cut the pack down himself around 1.77. He dropped a number of maps, jedis, vehicle issues. He cut out a few space maps. I just think they made it too big. I like what they did.. I liked where the project was going.. but I also think it could have been a few different packs. Like with their SWBF1 mod maps. They just kept releasing Mod map packs that were made up of the more popular maps with the community. After a couple months they'd get a bunch of new ones together and release it.

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