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Scout/Consular - KOTOR (All Revan's... Dark and Light. Male and Female)
Scout is seriously the best class to play as first... it also helps my saves when I'm a Consular. Consular because a lightsaber doesn't matter to me in this one... nothings better than when I let loose an explosion of lightning from the tips of my fingers and mangle the nearest victim. Although... for lightside... I'm still the same... because I can beat the living daylights out of people with whirlwind and Force wave... (and I use custom Powers).

Sentinel/Weapon's Master (Female Exile):
Simply because she can bring down a twenty foot drunken gorilla without thinking about it. She pwns everything with that little glow stick. And Sentinel in the beginning because it makes up for the lack of skills that the Weapon Master has.

Gaurdian/Watchman (Male Exile): Not really any reason... I just like these two classes in TSL.

Dark Side: Sith Lord or Assassin... it doesn't matter... both are pretty awesome. I never use Marauder... because you don't have as many Force Points... which means that there's less chances to use Crush... (Or Inferno if you have Stoffe's FP mod... :P )

Dark Side and Light Side

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