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Known super-glitches with Xbox for K1/K2

This is a list of Glitches i have found in K1 and K2, not mentionign the minor ones, but only the major ones.

K1 glitches:
After Leviathan, if you enter a psace battle simulation with HK-47, and win it, it will glitch and take you to a very badly glitched ebon Hawk. Changes include: A sentry-lookign droid that trnasports you ot different levels, but Endar spire and Star Forge will freeze the game if you select either of them. extra swoop bike in the cargo hold, and swoop droid. And T3-M4 is missing and you've got two Zaalbars.

A random bug that rarely occurs- the Party member screen glitch. It happens often when goign from Korriban to Manaan, and visa versa, so i suggest never traveling between these two planets, but isntead go to another planet, like Tatooine or JKashyyk and go to Korriban of Manaan fromt here. you get a very wierd looking party member screen if this error occurs, and get this message: 'I am broken, so very, very broken.' This is a hilarious glitch, but ever so annoying, as it corrupts your saved games.

K2: Often on a modded Xbox, you will get an error with Dxun. When you go to Dxun, tot he mandalorian camp, and complete the quests and killt he assassins, you will be stuck. you entire party will be stuck there with you right outside Mandalore's Quarters. It is unfixable as far as i know.

Telos poalr region: normally being seen only in th weComputer version with the 1.0b patch, this bug rarely happens on a modded Xbox. It's the handmaiden acadmey glitch, where your party members are stuck by the door and not in their force cage sliek they should be. this is also, unfixable.

Any other MAJOR glitches can be mentioned here and i will add them to the lsit. this is for people to watch out for on Xbox.

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