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Tysyacha nodded. "You're right. I'm sorry, Kala-Naa, but none of what you're saying seems to be making any sense. Would you like some credits to--erm, help support you and your family?" She hoped the rodent wouldn't take offense at her offer of 200.

"Thank you, kind soul," Kala-Naa said, taking the proferred credits with a dainty, pawlike hand. "I owe much to you. However, I am afraid. If you go after scary man, you might die. He not be headed for any place good--that's for sure. Kala-Naa could smell the anger and the hatred running off of him. Please be careful, sweet tall one."

"I will." She shook Kala-Naa's paw and turned to the others, especially Rika Saben.

"Well. It seems this contact hasn't panned out as much as I thought it would. Rika? You said you had contacts as well, and we might need to consider them a bit."
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