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Hmm? Just curious, but it seems my post was deleted a while ago. {Snip} Repeated TSL Patcher questions removed.

Please note if you notice a post of yours gets deleted it is a good idea to not post the same thing again, this is spam and will not be looked kindly upon. Spamming threads asking for TSL Patcher versions of mods to be made does not help get things done. -RH

Ah, and yes, want to ask a question related to this mod too. Why the game crashes each time I replace the main lightsaber crystal with SW crystal cartridge (or the Crystal, White) on the normal lightsaber such as Short or Double Bladed Lightsaber? Are the SW Crystal Cartridges only compatible with Segan Wyndh sabers?

Thanks for the both answers.

EDIT: Nevermind for the TSL Patcher question, just re-read Darkkender's post above.
But the problem of the crystal is still occured.

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