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XZMOD Order Of The Jedi, Saga



"Experience a game made on the Quake 3 engine... seem like Battlefront 2... though still with the Jedi Knight Academy feeling...

XZMOD is a full total conversion of Jedi Knight Jedi Academy. Our aim is to provide enjoyment and excitement as you experience Jedi Knight Academy like never before. With 10 new stories such as, Jedi Grand Master Yoda and The Fallen Count you will have endless hours of fun in this challenging and exciting modification. The full mod consists of 50 story missions and 30 bonus missions. The bonus missions can be accessed through a password system on the menu, which was originally made by a very famous modder, IZaNaGI and modified to suit the XZMOD system.

Fight like never before with new saber stances and styles. New kata, new stances and new attacks, which look so much better then before. Too make our mod unique from the rest we have also made a new angle system which we call SystemA. Our SystemA makes the game feel and look like never before as you can run and fight in angles never seen.

With a new NPC System, our npc's move more realistic and fight like the original characters. With there own style and weapon, fighting along side Obi-wan or even clones has never felt so realistic in any Jedi Knight Mod ever made. Each NPC is unique. They're all smarter and have there own special abilities which will work to there advantage.

If you like battlefront 2 and Jedi Knight? Then imagine them combined... because its here."


Demo now avaliable!!!

or at our moddb profile:


Website: (Under-construction still)

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