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Is this PS2 or PC? I was unaware that stat tracking depended on how the server was set up (aim assist, and AI) Are you sure on that? I don't think that's right. You certainly can have AI on the server and be tracked by the system.

If I remember right.. that's what the problem was with the whole leaderboard stat system. You could pad your own stats by just setting up a server.. load it up with bots.. set them for easy.. and password the server so no one could join. With the reinforcements tacked all the way up.. you could rack up stats like there's no tomorrow.

I would make sure you have the Gamespy ports opened on your router and computer. I usually open these ports out of habit for Battlefront 1 and 2... 3658, 3558, 4658, 27900, 29910, 29920, 6500 both TCP and UDP. 6500 and 27900 are the ones for tracking through GameSpy I believe.

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