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I was also disapointed that Dirty Harry didn't use the Desert Eagle... O.o

I'm not saying edit the movie itself in a DVD release. I can't even stand colorizing b/w movies.. or even some war footage documentaries I've seen where they colorize some of the footage. The color is never right. Movies should be as they were originally released.

But if you're going to release a DVD... there's soooo much room on them... as a consumer.. I expect a bit more than just the movie. Deleted scenes, the making of, cast interviews, "info" screens, etc. ...even bloopers!

If you're going to pour money into remaking a movie.. why not just make another chapter in the series? I think it would be well received and would preserve the "art" of the original movies. You don't have a case similar to where the "art" of Miracle on 34th St was compromised when they colorized it.

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