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Bwoop! Bwoop!

Sirens and sounded and alarm lights began to flash throughout the ship, Xander looked around the room and went over to a small window. Looking out side he could just about make something out in the very far distance.

“All pilot’s report to fighters and stand by for launch, All Pilot’s report to fighters and stand by for launch.” A voice Ordered through the Speakers.

“Come on, Move like you have a purpose.” Xander shouted to all the pilots in the mess hall as he ran out and towards the hanger. The mess wasn’t far from the Hanger so it took less than a few minuets to get into it, As Xander was already wearing his jump suit he dived straight into his fighter and put on his helmet.

“Hurricane 1 to Control, I need a Sit-rep.” He requested as the ship came to life with the console light flashing.

“Xander we have a single Imperial Dreadnaught inbound, It launched one squad of TIEs, one Squad of Interceptors and three TIE Bombers.” The familiar voice of Chrysler Informed. “Fighter’s will be on us in 5 minuets, The Dreadnaught is around 10 minuets away.”

“Aye sir should be no problem but just in case I suggest you hyperspace out of here and We’ll meet up after we dealt with the Imps.” Xander Advised.

“We Can’t, The cloak and hyperspace are connecter to the same power systems, which had to be shut down for repairs.”

“Great, So I have to Destroy fighters, a Capital ship and protect the Arrow.” Xander sighed sarcastically.

“Yeah, and the shields are on the same power system as the Cloak and Hyperspace.”

“Got any Good News?”

“You’re clear for launch.”

“Good.” Xander replied switching his comm unit to the other fighter. “All Storm are clear to get form up on me when you’re in the black.”

Xander then launched out of Mothma’s Arrow and slowly flew towards the oncoming enemies.
__________________________________________________ _______________

Casey Followed Captain Thray out of the room and ran over to the Locker room and quickly threw on her Pilot’s jump suit. This didn’t take long and she was soon strapping her self into her ship and placing her Helmet that had been modified to fit her horns on.

As she was given permission to launch from both the Captain and the Ships Officers she launched following Hurricane 1 out into space.
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