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I am having a problem with kse 3.3.3 and KOTOR1.

When I click on the save game's NPC list, i get the following:
08-26-2007 11:00:33 #1#000002 - Game1#NPCs clicked
08-26-2007 11:00:33 AVAILNPC1 read into memory 31046 bytes). Parsing module
error:Negative length at /PerlApp/Bioware/ line 1079.

Tk::Error: Negative length at /PerlApp/Bioware/ line 1079.
Tk::Widget::Callback at /PerlApp/Tk/ line 1079
Tk::Tree::IndicatorCmd at /PerlApp/Tk/ line 77
Tk::Widget::Callback at /PerlApp/Tk/ line 1080
Tk::HList::ButtonRelease1 at /PerlApp/Tk/ line 282
Tk::HList::ButtonRelease_1 at /PerlApp/Tk/ line 98
(command bound to event)

This is running on WinXP.

Also, when I try to go from South Beach back into the Temple Exterior, the autosave just hangs there on this same file (at about 15-20%) and doesn't do anything.

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