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"I have one contact," Rika corrected. "And she has a galactic network from which she gathers information beyond anything passed on by word of mouth... and often, her information is far more accurate than Republic intelligence. Though lately, that isn't much of a compliment. Her information is good."

She hesitated for a moment. "I should offer some kind of warning, though. Katya Skyhawk has attempted to kill me at least six times before..."

Kala-Naa squealed. It was obvious she'd heard the name. Indeed, very few in the galaxy had not heard of Katya Skyhawk. "Bad name! But it is legend. None have seen a face."

"I have seen a face," Rika answered sternly. "Katya Skyhawk is very real, a flesh and bones human being."

"Many faces she is said to have," Kala-Naa whispered. Rika nodded.

"Disguises," she agreed. "Some say she is not one woman, but many. Lies."

"I fear..." Kala-Naa began, but Rika frowned sternly down at the little creature.

"I am far more familiar with Katya than anyone has a right to be," she said quietly. Turning to Tysyacha, she finished, "I know her tricks. We can have the advantage here. We just have to be careful."

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