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(( Firstly Jedi Atomic, you cannot assume that no one else had their flightsuit on, as none of us specify if we do or not. To assume so would be a form of character control, something that is not allowed here, so please do not do it again.

Secondly, there is something to be said for military discipline. Fighters just can't launch from a ship without having a flight group. To launch piecemeal into an oncoming enemy formation is suicide. Yes, Hurricane 1 launched, but didn't go directly into the fight, as that would not be tactically sound. He is waiting for everyone to form up behind him. For you to wait for the command 'to break loose and attack' does not make any sense as you do not have any support behind you and would promptly get vaped. ))

"Bloody Imps," Cole swore as he threw his tray into the washer and sprinted out of the mess hall. The ride down to the hangar was inexorably long, so by the time it rumbled down, he already had his flightsuit zipped up and gloves over his hands. Making a beeline for his X-wing, he noted with a small sense of satisfaction that Jigen had already been loaded into the astromech slot and was running through the pre-flight start up sequence. Even as he reached his fighter, it began to lift off the ground, sublight engines thrumming steadily. Cole launched himself up onto the side and scrambled into the cockpit. Settling his helmet onto his head, he slapped at his comm to switch over to Trey's frequency. "Oy, Trey!" he shouted. "Let's get a move on! Lead is already in the green and spaceborne!"
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