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Originally Posted by Achilles
If the game was based on the movies I would probably tend to agree. However it's not.
Do you know for a fact that it is based on the books and not the movies? I kind of got that from the clip, but I was not 100% sure. If so I will definitely be playing this, I enjoyed the movies, but I love the books.

Originally Posted by Master Zionosis
Yes, but during the films the character is portrayed by Matt Damon, therefore theoretically the game character should look like Matt Damon, unless it isn't actually set during this time, which I took it for.
In the TV miniseries (based way more on the original book than the movies) Richard Chamberlain played Jason Bourne.

Originally Posted by Commander Obi-Wan
Though, I haven't took the opportunity to read them.
If you get a chance I recommend reading them. They will not ruin the movies and the movies do not ruin the books. Even though there are some similarities they are vastly different. The Bourne books are my favorite book series of all time.
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