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Part Two: The Dvukh Ultimatum

Tysyacha felt an odd, hollow feeling in the pit of her stomach. Words such as evil and terrorist briefly flashed through her mind, subconsciously associating themselves with the not-so-innocuous name of Katya Skyhawk. However, what did such concepts mean anymore? Both the Jedi and the Sith, she remembered, used these ideas to further their own agendas, Light and Dark. Being careful was exactly what one had to do in this ambiguous day and age, dangling by a spider's thread.

"It's a mistake to seek help from this Katya," said the Exile, "but at this point, it's a mistake I am personally willing to make. If there is a price to be paid for Ms. Skyhawk and her full cooperation in locating Revan, I will pay it. Any cost that comes with this mission will lie on my head." She turned to the crew. "If any of you object to this, I'll let you back out. Something tells me that this is what the sages meant when they coined the phrase 'necessary evil'. The Force tells me that Katya knows what we so desperately need to know as well, but if we seek her out, the cost will be very high."

Words from Master Kavar, long-buried, came back to warn her. If you must do evil for the sake of the greater good, Tysyacha, then humbly, gladly, and fully accept every consequence. If there is guilt to be felt, feel it, if a penalty to pay, pay it.

"If you stand with me, we could all fall together. Are you sure you'll take this course?"
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