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((OOC: Minimal character control is something like, "Cole nodded in agreement" for something that would clearly be agreed upon by all characters or "Cole raised an eyebrow" for something that would clearly be curious to all characters or "Cole dodged right as ordered" for a dogfighting combat situation. To assume that no one is wearing a flightsuit when everyone's character is, in fact, a starfighter pilot on board an active capital ship during wartime goes beyond the range of minimal character control. By doing so, you are dictating the immediate future of other people's characters, since they would need to get into their flight gear.

Once again, this is not allowed, so please do not do it again. Also, please do not quote the rules at me as I am well aware of them and what they mean.))

Cole fired his thrusters and broke through the energy field and into space, his S-foils already locked into attack position. He chopped the throttle back as he formed up on Xander's port side. "I'm your wing, Lead," he said curtly into the comm. "'Cane 3 should be spaceborne in another few minutes."
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