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Brows reached his ship swiftly, grabbing his jumpsuit on the way and stumbling into it on the run to the hangar. Ion Boy's astromech unit rolled past whistling anctiously to get into battle while Trey was still putting his helmet on. With a quick slide and lock, the cockpit was sealed and the X-wing lifted off, launching out of the hangar and heading over to his commanding officer.

Ion Boy was in his gear, waiting just for his astrodroid to arrive before lifting off.
"All Y-wings lift off at the same time. As soon as you get out, line up behind me and get ready for a full lunge at the Dreadnought" he said over to his team before switching channel.
"Captain, requesting X-wing support for a bombing run. Can you spare one?" he asked over the comm and prepared his fighter for takeoff. The Y-wings would leave in a group and stay as a group up until the point when the Duros Lieutenant told them otherwise

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