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((OOC: For the record, Noelle was wearing her flightsuit. ))

Strapping herself into her seat, Noelle powered her A-wing's systems up, noting with a small sense of satisfaction the quickness with which it responded. She had spent quite a bit of time in the past few weeks fine-tuning her fighter to match her specifications and was pleased with the results. Flipping the visor down, she goosed the A-wing forward, taking it through the magcon field of the hangar and into space. Coming up alongside Kat's A-wing, she smiled a small grin; the quiet Kiffar pilot had waited for her and now formed up smartly to her port side. By contrast, her other charge, Darrick, was a ways ahead of her, hovering around Xander's X-wing. Wrinkling her nose, she hit the comm channel for her flight. "Lightning 2, form up," she ordered.
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