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Part 2

The pod exits Hyperspace on the one Lightbringer controlled planet of Bespin. The orange planet dwarfs the pod in comparison. The pod streaks down into the skies of the gas giant Bespin. After a few minutes the pod crashes into a walkway injuring one person and startling many. The hatch bursts open and the Lightbringer Marines, along with the Lightbringer Knights and Ren Skywalker step out. A bunch of white armored soldiers come sprinting to the pod. In the distance several pods are crashed into random places, a few of the pods are still streaking out of the sky. The soldiers check the identification of the group. The Marines take their stations in the city while Terk and Ren silently walk towards a tall building with a Lightbringer flag draped over it. The walkways of the city are bustling with people of all sorts of races. The mood seems generally happy and busy. As the building comes in to view, there are Lightbringers all over the steps, some talking and visiting with one another, some busily heading to places. As the large doorway comes into view, a compliment of Lightbringer soldiers stand guard. The pair walk into the large building, once they are inside the building is filled with people all in the garbs of Lightbringers. At their sides they all have a similar weapon, a lightsaber. Terk leads Ren into a large chamber where a man and several others are seated in a semi-circle. Once there, Terk bows, and followed by Ren.

"What have you brang with you today Terk?" asked an older as the head of the semi-circle.

"I have brang the one you and the founders have forseen, I have brang Ren Skywalker." said Terk. His young face hard and rgid.

An elderly man at the far right of the circle speaks, "He is the one who will restore order to the Force, the one who is to help us restore the Republic, and restore the Jedi Order? A young man?" asked the man skeptically.

"Yes," said a middle aged man to the right of the elderly one.

"If you are indeed who Terk says you are, then show us your weapon. It is said to be the legendary lightsaber of the legendary Jedi Master Luke Skywalker." said the man at the head of the semi-cricle. Ren flicked on the emerald green lightsaber. It shown bright in the room, the electrum couplings visible. The men in the room looked astonished.

"He is the one," said the elderly man. There was a nod of agreement in the room, and Ren turned off the ancient Jedi weapon.

"Train him in the ways of the Force and lightsaber, Terk. He is the one who must bring balance to the Force, allow him to be at his full potential." said the man at the head of the semi-circle. Terk nodded and lead the young man off to a room labeled dojo. They entered and Terk lead him to the center of the floor. Once there Terk began teaching him the three basic stances of combat.

On the Outter Rim world of Korriban, trouble brews. A Dark Man is meditating in his throne room. Suddenly, he opens his eyes. A Sith Maurader approaches him.

"Lord Hysterious, our scouts have tracked the Lightbringers to the gas world of Bespin. They may have the boy there, but we can not be certain, shall I send assassins?" asked the Maurader.

""Yes, send Diro and his assassins, they will get the job done, or die trying," said Darth Hysterious. The Maurader rushes out of the room and down a hall. After a few moments he walks into a training room where a man in assassin garbs and a scarlet cape is instructing a new, Selkath assassin how to use Force Crush. The Maurader approaches the man and bows. The man looks up.

"What do you need?" he says with a harsh tone to his words.

"Lord Hysterious requires you and your assassins to take out a target on Bespin." explains the Maurader, he then hands Diro a Holopic of the boy, along with the planet on which he may reside. The Sith Assassin sneers.

"He is just a boy, this will be easy," snickers Diro.

"He is well gaurded by the Lightbringers, he will be hard to find, and harder to get to." explains the Maurader.

"We will hand his head to the Lord within a week. My assassins and I will leave by nightfall," says Diro, he laughs a bit and goes back to his instruction.

Ren finishes reading a datapad on proper Force Pull techniques. Almost a week has past since he arrived on Bespin. The boy nods off to sleep in his quarters. Something awakens Ren, he senses danger. Instinctively, Ren grabs the hilt of his lightsaber. Ren feels five presences in the room. He backs into a corner and flicks on the emerald blade. Sudennly the five presences ignite matching red lightsabers. Ren takes what he knows of Shii-Cho and utilizes it. He uses swift strikes that are all parried. He begins to parry various swings, his strength is slowly deteareorating. Ren is caught off gaurd by a small slice. He is hit in the shoulder. Ren then quickly jumps behind his attackers and impales one that is off gaurd. Dripping with sweat, and weakening fast, Ren fears he may die. Then suddenly, the man who was at the head of the semi-crcle comes in and attacks the Assassins. He kills two of them and maims another. The last left fights fiercly, unlike his comrades.

"You will not get this boy Diro!" yells the man.

"I will kill you old man! Like I have killed many before you! You are no match to the power of the darkside!" screams Diro, cackling. Diro, then is caught off guard and decapitated, but not before stabbing the man through the stomache. The man falls to his knees.

"Come closer boy..." whisprrs the man. Ren walks and kneels a centimeter away from the man.

"Promise me, that what ever happens, you will rebuild the Republic and the Jedi....Promise me...: whispers the man.

"I promise, I will." Ren replies, tears running down his cheeks.

"Tell them that, Kain Solo, has parished....." with that last sentence the Kain dies.

*That concludes part 2* The End.
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