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"Fall? I'm a pilot. Pilots don't 'fall'. Not ever." A slow grin manifested itself onto Kimber's full lips. "They crash and burn sometimes, yeah, but they never just 'fall'."

She gave a look at the others. "I'm in this for the adventure. And if part of that adventure is seeking out some 'necessary evil' in the form of a mysterious ill-tempered woman called Katya Skyhawk, then so be it. I agreed to be a part of this, and I never break my word. Besides, I've been in dangerous situations before." She looked down at the bloodstripes on her trousers. "CorSec don't give these out for selling cookies, you know."

She smiled at her captain, her enthusiasm to get going visible and clear. "So, as long as you and Rika can find this 'woman of a thousand faces', necessary evil or not, I'm in. Lead the way."

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