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"It's settled, then." Tysyacha reached out a fragile-looking mesh-gloved hand, and Rika Saben, the mysterious Lane, the mechanic without a name, and Kimber Quitaan all placed their own hands on top of hers in a quintessential gesture of loyalty. "We seek out Katya Skyhawk, and whatever foes pursue us, we will take them down. No one ever saved the galaxy by playing it safe--or by selling cookies." Kimber grinned.

"As for Katya herself, where do you believe her present whereabouts lie, Rika?" The Exile put one hand on her generously curvy right hip and waited for a reply.

************************************************** ***

Darkness is a sign of corruption, of decay. All light--no darkness anywhere...

The world's gravity had been turned, tilted, to lie in the exact region where twin white-hot suns never stopped shining. The planet itself was quite pleasant, habitable at least, but the creatures upon it still had not evolved to the point where they did not require darkness for sleep. They scuttled around in a half-daze when awake, not sure why they were on this world or how they had come to feel so perpetually tired.

An explorer on a foray in the cool, white night. Beautiful, she was, with calm eyes that were the flesh-and-blood examples of the serenity all Jedi sought in their souls. Hatred was beneath her, she was beyond love, and revenge was mere childish folly.

Her goal was Light, only Light, both on planets and in hearts and minds. Why should there be evil, when it was at last within her grasp to cleanse the galaxy of it?
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