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Hi stoffe

I have some questions about using TSLP for integrating dialog files. (I absolutely love this idea, btw). I used the meditation.rar file that you supplied as an example, So...

From what I gather, if the parent of the branch you want to add is an entry the Path var would be EntryList\<entry#>\RepliesList

What is the Path var syntax if the parent is a reply?
What is the Path var syntax if the branch you want to add is in the StartingList?

One last thing. I noticed you pretty much hard coded the entry and reply indexes into the changes.ini file. Suppose for arguments sake, that these indexes already existed (as in someone had already added to the dialog file). Is there a token to determine the count of the EntryList and ReplyList? Or does TSLP check for this and adjust as needed?
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