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The priorly stagnant air suddenly began to move ever so subtly between the large high-rise buildings that stuck up like jagged teeth from the gaping maw of Nar Shaddaa, the stink and decay of the area momentarily forgotten as the breeze made the air seem almost...clean. Fresh. As if it had come sweeping across the plains of Dantooine, rather than a cesspit like the Smuggler's Moon.

He tilted his head to the skies, looking to the small sliver of sun that beat down between the tops of the buildings, closing his eyes as the warm rays shone down on his skin. He took a deep breath while the breeze lasted, enjoying this fresh breath of air while he could.

The light of the galaxy...

"The last I heard of her, Katya had been spotted on Tattooine. Rumor says she had been hunting a Krayt dragon nearby the settlement of Anchorage. My guess that she would be hiding out at the dragon's lair, if she weren't in the settlement. Or...she could be dead, of course, but..." he lowered his head again, his eyes now on Tysy. "That would put a bit of a damper on things, wouldn't it?"

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