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Kimber snorted at the mechanic. "Nah, she's alive. Anyone who has the gumption to hunt krayt dragons, or worse hang out within the dragon's lair, certainly has got to have enough will to stay alive. If for no other reason than pure stubborness or spite," she added with a quick grin. "But living in a krayt dragon's lair on Tatooine? How apropos for a 'necessary evil.'"

She looked upwards, looking at the space traffic above them. "If it's Tatooine we're going to first, I can get us there in a couple of hours." She grinned secretively. "I know a shortcut. And," she added, looking at Tysy, "that's a good place for us to resupply if we need to. I've got some favours I can call in with a certain well-known Hutt."

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