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"I no longer think" Tepe answered and turned to smile upon her wife. It was a playful smile, yet somehow it had a string of truth wrapped around it. He turned to see the door and then shook his head.
"I wanted her out of the tent before she lost her nerve to do what she was sent here to do. Now she can try without having Paladins all around her to stop her" he then said and sighed.

"There is something very odd in this situation. And it is not helping that the power surge I got when Reibe and Strider clashed in battle is dying down. I have become slower, less able with the force and cannot foresee things as clearly as I could before. I think I am becoming more and more willing to just return to a place like Welmin's was and deal with issues when they came up instead of bossing everyone around into getting ready for things to come" Tepe said and turned to Charna once more.
"My emotions are betraying me, the Force is abandoning me and my most trusted men are pushing me. I wish it were still the times of expansion. When none could defy me and I was still strong enough to fight Strider or Riebe into a standstill"

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